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Video instructions and help with filling out and completing I-539 premium processing

Instructions and Help about I-539 premium processing

Hello everyone this is Janelle Oh clue of lo Joe immigration where we pryou with confidence and clarity with your immigration legal matters all right folks so today's video is about h-1b cap cases but specifically premium processing of h-1b Kennett cases so first of all I am relieved as many of you are that USCIS has resumed premium processing of h1 beads okay so for those of you who participated in this year's cap meaning that you got your cap case file during the first five business days of April that would have been from Monday April 1st 2022 through Friday April 5th 2022 if you got your h-1b cap case filed during that limited window then your case was included in the lottery USCIS said that they conducted the lottery on April 10 and they know who's been picked all right so folks first of all if you haven't gotten your receipt notice yet don't worry all right it isn't that all the receipt notices went out at once they've been going out on a rolling basis so if your friend got her h-1b receipt notice that you don't have yours yet that's not for you know you don't have to worry about that they're going out on a rolling basis okay so once USCIS has sent out all the receipt notices for the cases unfortunately that did not get picked in the cap USCIS is going to return those cases they're gonna return the whole filing including the filing fees back either to the petitioning employer or if the employer was represented by an attorney to the attorney's office okay now let's talk about the premium processing opted for premium processing and your h-1b cap case was for change of status then you would have either had elected for premium processing at the time you filed the h-1b okay and first of all let me just say this quick thing know your chances of getting picked in the lottery are no better just because you pick you opt for premium processing I get that question a lot oh if I do premium processing does that mean my case is gonna get picked in the lottery that's irrelevant but if you did up for premium processing USCIS has stated that they will actually start that 15-day expedite period for premium processing that is going to start on I want to make sure you can hear me well that's gonna start on May 20th okay so the actual date for the premium processing case cap cases starts on May 20th if you did not opt for premium processing at the time you filed your cap case then yes after May 20th if your case was selected in the cap you can choose to upgrade to premium processing now for those of you who wanted to conprocess all right USCIS actually did not allow you to opt for premium processing at the time you filed they're gonna.


Can H4 visa stamping be done in India if the H1 of the husband is approved in premium processing but the i-539/H4 of the spouse is not yet approved?
Can H4 visa stamping be done in India if the H1 of the husband is approved in premium processing but the i-539/H4 of the spouse is not yet approved?nCan you convert your status from F1-opt to H4-EAD without losing employment?nI am on F1 OPT visa which expires June 2022 and I want to apply for H4 EAD. Is there a way I can do this without taking a break from employment?nIf anyone has a converted H4 visa to a tourist visa?nCan we covert an F1 visa status to an H-4 EAD visa directly? If not what is the process and how much time will it take?nHow much time will be required for changing B1/2 visa status into work visa through I-539 form?nHow much should you expect to pay for an O1 visa application?nWill my H4 EAD applied along with my spouse H1 employer transfer (premium) get processed under premium timelines?nHow is USCIS preventing H1-B spouses from working?n
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